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FIRST TC Oslo 2024

Tue Oct 15th - Thu Oct 17th


We are still working on this year's program. In the meanwhile, you can check out last year's program to get an impression of what's in store.

Note that we are limiting the number of available seats pr organization this year. Read more about it on the Practical Information page.

There are still available slots for presentations. Got something you want to share with the community? Reach out to us!

We’re working hard to make this year’s conference as memorable as ever. Stay tuned for more updates!

Mountain Cabin

The Conference

The 2024 conference will be held at Eldorado Esport & Entertainment in downtown Oslo - same place as last year - with pre-conference workshops hosted and facilitated by sponsors.

Tue October 15th: Pre-Conference Workshops

Wed October 16th: Security Monitoring Day

Thu October 17th: Incident Response Day

Pre-Conference Workshops

Stay tuned for updates as we get ready to announce pre-conference workshops for 2024.

Community Dinner

The traditional Community Dinner will most likely be at Torggata Bad, two blocks away from the from the conference venue - same as last year.

Wed Oct 15th - shortly after the conference.

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