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FIRST TC Oslo 2023

Tue Oct 17th - Thu Oct 19th

fully booked


The conference and both workshops are now fully booked, and our waitlist is also full. If you are on the waitlist, there is still a chance of getting a seat if someone cancels or more seats are released.


The response this year was amazing and we are grateful to everyone who registered during the limited registration period!

Mountain Cabin

The Conference

We are excited to announce that this year's conference will be held at Eldorado Esport & Entertainment in downtown Oslo.

This allows us to release more seats to account for the ever-increasing popularity of the conference, while still maintaining the high-quality experience that you have come to expect at Telenor Expo over the years.

Stay tuned for updates and registration information.

Pre-Conference Workshops

This year, we are working towards two workshops:

I'm gonna have to science the &£!? out of this: Jupyter Notebooks for DFIR
Éireann Leverett & Serge Droz


Introduction to Malware Analysis and Reversing Techniques

Jan Petter Nilsen, Sopra Steria

This hands-on workshop will introduce you to tools and techniques for analysis and reversing binary malware files. The workshop will look at both statical and dynamical manual analysis and automated analysis with the use of a sandbox.


Community Dinner

This year's Community Dinner will take place at Oslo Streetfood - Torggata Bad. Just a couple of blocks from Eldorado.

Wed Oct 18th - shortly after the conference.

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