Practical Information

Traveling to Oslo? Making your way from Oslo to Fornebu?

First time attendee to the conference? Look no further. We have put together some useful information to ensure you get the most out of the conference.

Getting There

Visiting from abroad? Check the current travel restrictions to Norway before booking your travel.

Getting to Oslo from the airport

The fastest and cheapest way to get to Oslo from the airport is by train. Tickets for the Airport Express Train are available at the arrivals area at OSL.

For direct travel between the airport and Fornebu, consider transferring from the Airport Express Train to the local bus at Lysaker.

Visit Oslo has useful information for travelers arriving at OSL airport.

Note, two other airports are sometimes referred to as "Oslo airport". Gardermoen (OSL), is the recommended airport.

Getting to Fornebu from Downtown Oslo

The fastest and cheapest way to get to Fornebu from downtown Oslo is by bus. Tickets are available in the RuterBilett app. EnTur has more info.


Buy your ticket before entering transportation.

Your bus stop is named "Telenor Fornebu".

Visit Oslo has useful information for getting around in Oslo.

The Venue

The conference is held at Telenor Expo, which is a conference center located at the campus of the Telenor headquarters at Fornebu, outside of Oslo.

The conference center is located at the far end of the campus when arriving by bus. Signs are posted to get you in the right direction. 

A light sandwich-based lunch is sponsored for attendees. Let us know upon registration if you have any dietary restrictions or other needs that we should take into account.

Telenor Expo
Telenor Expo

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Telenor HQ
Telenor HQ

Conference center at the far end.

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Full House
Full House

The Cold Incident Response 2018 audience. Here's hoping we can fill up the house again.

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Telenor Expo
Telenor Expo

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When arriving by bus at the Telenor Fornebu bus stop, walk across the campus until you find the Telenor Expo Conference center on your left.

Note: The conference does not take place at the Telenor Arena, which is across the street from Telenor HQ.


Workshop Preparation

To get the most out of the Pre-Conference Workshop, make sure you prepare your hands-on lab environment beforehand.

  1. Please follow this Howto to ensure your Azure/M365 Tenant is configured and test users created.

  2. Prepare a fresh Windows 10 environment for testing purposes. You may use a virtual machine hosted on your laptop or in the cloud, or use a physical computer.

  3. Ensure that you can access web portals separately from the test installation - either via the host OS of your computer, a separate physical computer or a separate VM.

Note: Configuring the environment may be time consuming. Don't wait until the last minute.


Join us on Signal

We have a dedicated Signal group for updates during the conference. Join via this link


Get in touch

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or requests. We are here to help.