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About FIRST Norway

FIRST Teams based in Norway ​meet regularly to exchange information and tackle the latest developments in the threat landscape. 

The annual Cold Incident Response conference is FIRST Norway's way of sharing knowledge and know-how on security monitoring and incident response with the broader community.

About FIRST TC Oslo - Cold Incident Response

FIRST Technical Colloquia (TCs) provide a discussion forum for FIRST members and invited guests to exchange knowledge about vulnerabilities, incidents, tools and other issues that impact the operation of incident response and security teams.

FIRST TC Oslo has been an annual event since 2015 and was originally organized by Telenor CERT and KraftCERT.

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The Cold Incident Response Team

Contact us at

Alexandra Stenersen.jpg

Alexandra Stenersen

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Digital Marketing Manager at mnemonic

Frode Hommedal.jpg

Frode Hommedal

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

CEO of Amplio Group

Hans-Petter Fjeld.jpg

Hans-Petter Fjeld

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Senior Security Analyst at Defendable

Ingrid Oskarsen.jpg

Ingrid Oskarsen

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Cyber Security Analyst at DNB

Isabel Arkvik.png

Isabel  Quiroga Arkvik

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Security Communication Manager at Visma

Lina Strømquist.png

Lina Strømquist

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Senior Security Advisor at Defendable

Margrete Raaum.jpg

Margrete Raaum

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

CEO of KraftCERT



  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Acting CEO of KraftCERT

Vegar Åsmul.png



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Security Advisor at Sopra Steria



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Security Analyst at Sopra Steria

Øyvind Jensen.jpg

Øyvind Jensen

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Security Analyst at Telenor




  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Threat Intelligence Analyst at Telenor

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